Making Every Life a Living Legacy

What do you want to remember before you forget?

Spending less than an hour a day you can easily create your personal Living Legacy LifeBook that will:

  • Help you process and harvest a lifetime of memories.
  • Serve you as a memory aid when memory becomes problematical.
  • Become a living Legacy and posterity for your family and scholars for generations to come.
  • Offer you many hours of enjoyment with family and children as they listen to you tell and retell life and stories.

Let’s take a short tour of the LifeBook and you will see what I mean.

In the very first section of six, “My Family and History” you will answer questions, filling in the blank spaces, drawing a vivid picture in words of where you and your family came from, the world into which you were born.

In the second section, “My life and Times” you will craft an Oral History by retelling your own life and times, where you have been, what you have done and with whom. You will tell what it was like going through a depression, a world war, the civil rights movement.

In section three “My Living Legacy” you will share all the wisdom you have accumulated. What is the secret to a good marriage, raising children, what is God’s place in the world? Who should you believe? What difference have you made in the lives of others or your community because you were in the right place at the right time and said just the right thing? Tell us exactly how you would like to be remembered.

Then there is the fourth section, “Downsizing My Home.”

How many times have you known as friend or relative who has moved to a smaller home or retirement community and who became disoriented and confused? It did not have to be that way.

Downsizing your life should not mean garage sale-ing your mind nor compromising your sense of self and identity.

The fourth section is designed for downsizers who face moving to smaller quarters and who have to leave many of their possessions behind.

You will take an inventory of your home before you move, taking stock of all the memories and stories there in such a way that you are free to keep the stories but leave the objects behind.

Section five is “My Plans and Dreams” for writing down all the things you would like to do in the years to come if you could, your “Bucket List.” In addition, you will examine your remaining regrets, those tasks or apologies left undone or unspoken that if competed or said would leave you feeling much better about yourself and your life.

The last section, My Documents and Appendix” is for preserving copies of your most important documents: your birth certificate, marriage license, living will and other critical pieces of information that those upon whom you rely for support need to know – even if you are not in a position or condition to speak for yourself. There are a number of Heavy Duty Page protectors to preserve that critical information at hand.

Lastly, there are “Photo mounting pages” for your favorite photos and images and Supplementary blank pages for your longer stories and memories.

So – what will you have when it is all said and done?

You will have:

  • An answer to what you talk about after “Fine.” (How are the kids, fine, work, fine, your health, fine…)
  • Spent hours upon hours with your spouse, children, and your friends listening to you as you tell and retell your family, life, and times.
  • An enhanced sense of self and of your own achievements
  • A memory aid for when your memory becomes problematical.
  • A Living Legacy that will last for generations to come. Oral History, a true immortality.

So that is it and much more. A flexible structured document of documents an easy, enjoyable, satisfying, step by step, do it at your own pace, Living Legacy LifeBook.

Your life is worth far far more than a 100 word obit in the local paper… Give the gift of a Living Legacy LifeBook to yourself, your spouse, you children, your best friends – then work it with them. A gift that never ceases giving. The Living legacy LifeBook.

Order yours today!

©2012 all rights reserved

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