About the Founder

Paul Zohav  M.Ed.

Is a Professional Chaplain, Ordained Rabbinic Pastor, Relationships Coach and communication skills trainer in Arizona

He shaped and designed the Living Legacy LifeBook out of his experiences as Chaplain in the Philadelphia Geriatric Center, Community Chaplain on behalf of Jewish Family Services of Harrisburg PA, his understanding as a professional counselor, and from his personal life experience shepherding the affairs of elders within his immediate family.

He is publisher at Living Legacy Publications LLC , Relationship coach and communications skills trainer at Relationship Literacy, teaching and coaching clients to bring honor and respect for self and other in every communication and in all relationships.

His clients include couples newly or long-wedded, parents and children, parents and teenagers, staff and employees in the workplace.

He has just published Creating An Extraordinary Relationship: The Art of Relationship Literacy (Authorhouse) .

He looks forward to the day when everyone has access to extraordinary relationships and the skills and insights required for love, laughter, wonder, joy and well-being. He works towards the day when Relationships becomes the fourth “R” in all schools  alongside Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic.

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