An Open Letter to all Parents and Grandparents,

Dear elders,

We want you to understand that you are very important to us and that your life is our roots. You are the bridge, a living link between our ancestors and us. Your life and the lives of the families you come from, is our heritage, our legacy.

We would appreciate having the opportunity to know our forebears and their lives through you. We ask that you allow us to learn from them and you to live better lives. With your valuable help we will not have to reinvent the wheel in every generation.

Please take the time to fill in your LifeBook with us. We would love to listen and scribe for you as you tell us what we need to hear.

Your LifeBook will record a Living Legacy of life and living, of tragedy and triumph, and preserve your hard-won wisdom. We promise to take your Living Legacy with us to pass on to our children next to our own Living Legacy LifeBooks.

Speak to us, your children, our children, and their children’s children 100 years from now. Share with us what is your harvest from life and living.

Ask yourself, “What do I know now, today, that may make the difference to us in years to come? From my experience of life, what do my children need to know about: life, living, loving, country, community, God, faith and family?”

Please do not leave anything out. We love hearing about all the good parts – but let us know about some of the bad parts, too. It is all a part of life.

Leave us something of extraordinary and abiding value.

Sincerely yours,
Your children and your children’s children.

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