Here are a few of the questions we have received over the past year. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Can a couple share a LifeBook together?

There is no right way to use the LifeBook, only your way. We suggest that you clearly label the pages so we will know whose contribution is whose.

Is the LifeBook expandable?

If one section of the Lifebook grows too large for its binder it can be exported to a companion binder. Sections of the Lifebook can be moved over to dedicated companion binders. For example, you can have a binder dedicated to downsizing, or one including key family documents. Uses of the LifeBook are only limited by one’s imagination.

Is there a digital edition of the Lifebook that I can fill in online and then share with other family members?

The digital edition is under construction and will be available in the months to come. When it is published it will offer a number of economical, customizable and a la carte features.

How will the digital edition work?

The upcoming digital editions of the LifeBook will offer the potential to bring a laptop or other recording device to the home of an elder, record the interview, and then create documents when you return.  In addition, you will be able to save the Lifebook on our servers in a manner that can easily be accessed by, and contributed by other family members. They will be able to add their memories and stories to the LifeBook.