Honoring Mom

Honor Your Mom While You Still Can 

I remember the last time I wished to Honor my Mom for the delight she was for so many; she had been diagnosed with cancer and had made it through her first year of treatments and their side effects. She lost her hair, had horrible nausea, was chronically weak, and yet she continued to push herself well beyond her “doctor’s orders.” She did this because her thoughts were always, “I’ll be dead a long time, and I can rest then.”

This is the kind of woman she was:  full of energy, always walking the light side of the street, fully enjoying life and the hard work it demanded, and she never let anything get in the way of what needed to be done. After 30 years at the same company Mom retired, just a couple years before her diagnosis, and had hundreds of friends who absolutely adored her. They loved to be with Mom at work or at play. They created memories together without even intending to, and those memories became some of the best stories to this day that many of us have ever heard.

Yes, Mom was quite the storyteller, and she had the knack for making people laugh hysterically at whatever the situation was she was describing; hysterically at whoever the characters were in the story, and of course hysterically at herself.  Mom never missed a Birthday or a moment to honor someone else, whether it was having fresh flowers delivered to you on your first day at the new job, or dead flowers on your 50th birthday – she was always dishing it out, always with love, and always in her own way. You never knew what to expect. And if you even tried to fathom it, you wouldn’t come close!

I could continue, but I simply want to make this point; I had been asked by a family member not to hold a party honoring Mom “not quite yet, just wait until she kicks the cancer ‘cause she will beat it and we can celebrate then!” Well, Mom didn’t beat it, the cancer took her, and I will never forgive myself for not celebrating my Mom while she was still alive.

What I hope you take away from my story is to honor your Mom while you still can. The Lifebook is just one way that you can relive many experiences together now, and preserve family memories for you and others to enjoy forever. Don’t let precious stories die with those you love because while they may not think so, they matter ALOT, and while we are on the subject – so do you!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I miss you & I love you more than ever.

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