Living Legacy LifeBook: Spiritual Edition

Spiritual Journey coverThe Living Legacy LifeBook: Spiritual Edition is designed to be a graceful step by step, workbook and guide allowing adults to recall, remember and share their lives, spiritual growth and development with children, family, friends and community. Each LifeBook becomes an inspiring history of an authentic spiritual exploration, personal growth complete with ups and downs, challenges faced and overcome.

The LifeBook Spiritual Edition is ideal for individuals, families, and congregations. It provides a well thought out  structure of inquiry that may be incorporated into many satisfying congregation and family activities.

It is especially appropriate for seniors and church youth groups, encouraging younger congregational members to spend quality time bonding and building relationships with church elders and seniors.

Senior Spiritual growth and development: the  offers individuals, clergy and congregational members a unique opportunity to:

  • Share their stories of faith
  • Review, honor, and celebrate spiritual and personal achievements
  • Deepen personal relationships with God
  • Contribute to a congregational spiritual posterity
  • Lay a foundation for  new spiritual growth and development
  • Connect congregational youth with church seniors, generating bonds of honor and respect between generations.

The second part of the Living Legacy LifeBook supports:

  • Satisfying meaningful visits with children, family and friends.
  • Creating a memory aid for the time when remembering becomes problematical.
  • Creating a personal Living Legacy, a posterity that will last for generations.

A unique gift for all occasions: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for Christmases and holidays.

With your Living Legacy LifeBook  grandchildren many generations removed will enjoy a unique window into your life and the times in which you lived.

Click here to order today. $34.97 for each Spiritual guide.  Congregational discounts are available.

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