Living Legacy LifeBook

Leather Cover of LifeBookLifebook front page photoThe Living Legacy LifeBook© is an easy to use fun self-help document that permits you to expand your capacity to recall and remember, to value, share and celebrate your life with family, friends and community.

With your LifeBook you will find that you will not only remember who you were but come to honor and appreciate your real life accomplishments today.  In addition, The Living Legacy LifeBook allows adults to gracefully handle challenges surrounding downsizing living circumstances.

Downsizing your life should not mean you need to garage sale your mind – nor compromise your sense of self or identity.

Deluxe Leather-bound edition $79.97. See ordering pages for bulk discount orders.

The Living Legacy LifeBook is simple, easy, a do it at your own pace guide permitting adults to reconnect to family, celebrate and share hare their lives.

  • Process, harvest, refresh and reorganize a lifetime of memories.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate accomplishments and achievements.
  • Achieve a renewed fresh sense of self while preserving identity.
  • Downsize living quarters without losing the memories associated with those possessions.
  • Enhance relationships with those who are closest to you.
  • Experience and enjoy meaningful, high quality visits with children, family and friends.
  • Build a powerful memory aid for the time when remembering becomes problematical.
  • Keep important life documents close by and readily available for reference.
  • Create a personal Living Legacy, a contribution, a posterity that will last for generations – the truest immortality.

In addition, Living Legacy LifeBook is fully customizable, flexible, an expandable design allowing users to:

  • Add more document and photo pages as needed.
  • Expand to a larger capacity binder should you so desire.
  • Change book covers as desired. Just slide the current cover out and replace with new photos or other personal images.

With a Living Legacy LifeBook your many times great-grandchildren will be able to visit you and enjoy a unique window into your life and the times in which you lived.

Bring your LifeBook to share after Thanksgiving dinner or any family or community gathering.

A unique gift for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmases and holidays.

Deluxe leather-bound edition only $79.97.  Choose from the list for bulk discounts.

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