Memories to Share: A Game of Connections

MemoriestoShare_Badge3Memories to Share adPlaying Memories to Share© is easy to play from ages eight to eighty.

Memories to Share is a card game designed to making sharing your life experiences fun.  Enjoy your children, grandchildren, family and friends as they share their lives and experiences with you. A win-win  for all.

Playing Memories to Share is inexpensive and portable. It easily fits into your purse or pocket and may be played anywhere people gather together, from airports to hospitals, even in the backseat of your car on a road trip.

Playing Memories to Share creates new connections through enjoyment and builds new connection and an expanded sense of affinity and community in senior centers, churches, retirement communities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Memories to Share is age appropriate. The rules and questions of Memories to Share are designed such that even young grandchildren will have fun playing and connecting with older grandparents, with each giving answers appropriate to their age and experience.  Playing together creates bonds across generations and brings family and friends closer by means of playful interaction.

Memories to Share can even be played long distance by telephone, text, or by Skype video. Participants separated by great distances successfully connect and communicate. A grandparent in Boston can enjoy a round of play with their grandchild in San Diego, Australia, or India.

Memories to Share can be played in hospitals or in hospice with enjoyment, fun, and connection replacing fear and anxiety in emotionally challenging  circumstances.

Play replaces alienation, connection replaces isolation. Participants of all ages from widely differing backgrounds, strangers, new neighbors previously unacquainted create new bonds of community, friendship and affinity.

Memories to Share can also serve as a valuable memory aid. Playing the game, faded memories become renewed; experiences of a lifetime become ever easier to retrieve, appreciate and share.  Memories once considered lost forever return to life.

Bring a deck of Memories to Share along to play after a Thanksgiving dinner or any family or community gathering.

A unique gift for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmases and holidays.

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