Memory Jogger

Memory Jogger w_ Products.pdfMemory Jogger is your guide to recovering, re-experiencing and sharing the memories of a lifetime with children, family, friends, or build new friendships with new neighbors in your retirement community,

Your guide cites many of the significant historical and cultural events for every decade from 1930 onwards.

Recall the time of your life through the price of a home, car, gallon gas, or a loaf of bread. Relive each decade through headlines, movies, books, and songs.

Your Memory Jogger will usher you on a fascinating  trip down memory lane, a guide that will help you open up memories you once thought gone forever.

A unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, Christmases and holidays.

Jog your memory and listen to the stories of a lifetime come pouring pouring out.

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