My Wonderful Journey

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My Wonderful Journey© is a fun and inexpensive workbook that permits you to share and celebrate your cherished memories with the most important people in your life.

Your Wonderful Journey will also honor and appreciate the accomplishments of your life as well as who you have become today.  Sharing your journey will strengthen the bonds of family and community.

My Wonderful Journey© will guide you through the train trip of a lifetime from the comfort of your own home as its passes through five life stations.

At your first station, you will be asked to retrace your roots and recall your family history before you came on board. Stations No. 2 and No. 3  honor your passage from childhood to maturity. A quick stop at Station No. 4 will highlight the life lessons and wisdom you have gathered along the way.

The Way Ahead at Station No. 5 will gives you the chance to look back from the future with your own unique perspectives, leaving the door open to new experiences, apologizes and forgiveness.

Honor, respect and share the triumph that is your life with My Wonderful Journey.

My Wonderful Journey©, a truly unique gift to yourself, for family and friends.

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